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Our corporate values provide a set of principles that direct our behavior and business operations. At all levels of the organization and in all its business dealings we are all leaded by nine key values:

  • Providing high quality services to our customers and achieve high levels of customer satisfaction
  • Provide shareholders with return on investment consistent with industry standards and the economic environment through sustained growth and development and improved profitability
  • Being safe, efficient and cost effective and deliver quality in all operation and achieve standards that meet or exceeds industry standards
  • Continue to strengthen our financial position by improving access to capital and improve financial stability
  • Continue to act with honesty and to achieve the highest level of integrity and consistency with no exceptions, thus enhancing the organization's image and reputation among all stakeholders and demonstrate outstanding leadership as an example to others
  • Maintain a technically sound, safe and efficient power distribution network that is providing quality electric power to our customers
  • Provide employees with a healthy work environment that will maximize their contribution to the business while providing them with job satisfactions, security and career development
  • Operate in a manner consistent with the protection of the environment and the social fabric of the country, being a good corporate citizen and make a positive contribution to the community
  • Develop and strengthen our partnership with our major suppliers
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