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The Jordanian Electric Power Company limited (JEPCO) was established in Amman in the year 1938 by a group of Jordanian entrepreneurs with a capital of 2500 pounds, for the purpose of providing streets of the capital with lights instead of utilizing lamps lit by kerosene.

The company resumed its work despite the hard conditions of establishment and it passed its way to success until it received the appreciation of King Abdullah the founding father of the Kingdom (God's peace and blessing be upon him), and thereby it received its first concession in 1947.

Care for this company was resumed by his Majesty the late King Al Hussein Bin Talal (peace and mercy of God be upon him) during his prosperous time, the company has been granted its second concession in 1962 for fifty years after the Central Electric Company of Jordan merged with it where the concession of the new company has offered it the right to generate, transmit, transfer and distribute electric power in a region extending from Wadi Al-Dleil in the north to Theiban in the south and from the Mowagar in the east to the threshold of the Jordan valley (Al-Aghwar) in the west, which is the border of the concession area of the company.

Today, JEPCO is responsible for distributing electrical energy for about (66%) of the total consumers in the country. Forward planning and forecasting to meet the growing demands of the consumers has been JEPCO's well entrenched philosophy. Owing to this policy, the company has come a long way in serving its consumers and thereby making its own contributions to the economic growth of Jordan.

The company emphasizes the well and intention to proceed forward in enhancing the Jordan economy and to supply electricity for this precious homeland and all its civilized institutions so that Jordan will resume its progress and prosperity under the reign of his Majesty King Abdullah the Second Bin al-Hussein.

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