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Building, renovating or construction works such as loading and unloading materials, erecting scaffolding, manoeuvring machinery, operating hoists and cranes, or even moving ladders or antennas, can be fatal if these items come close to power lines. Electricity can 'jump' or 'arc', which means equipment doesn't have to be touching power lines for someone to be electrocuted. That's why it's important to not only to eliminate contact but also keep a safe distance from power lines.

If you are in doubt about whether you should be working near power lines, please contact us and remember to look up and live.

Watch for Vandals

Willful damage of the electricity network or illegal entry into JEPCO's facilities poses a significant safety threat and potential power disruptions to residents.

Vandalism can result in the serious injury or electrocution of those involved, innocent bystanders, line workers, or emergency service people attending the scene. It can also cause considerable disruption of power supply to the community.

To counteract this situation, JEPCO has started to introduce tamper proof equipment and increased surveillance in key trouble areas. Members of the community can also help address vandalism by:

  • Discussing the dangers of trespassing and vandalism with children under your care
  • Reporting any incidents or anything suspicious near electricity assets to the police by or the JEPCO's Call Center on 4790000

Avoid a digging disaster

There are thousands of kilometres of electrical cables buried throughout our cities, towns and villages. Damaging just one could cost thousands of Jordanian Dinners, isolate large numbers of people from vital services or worse still someone could be seriously injured! So anyone planning to dig up roads, footpaths or even private property needs to contact us. We will advise you if there are underground networks present at a proposed excavation site and provide you with relevant plans showing the locations of these networks.

This service helps to prevent costly disruptions or damage to essential services, as well as injury or death to the persons digging or to the general public. Neglecting to find out about underground pipe and cable networks before excavating is irresponsible and can also lead to heavy financial penalties.

Look out for fallen powerlines

  • Fallen powerlines are extremely dangerous. Never approach or attempt to move a fallen line
  • Anything touching a fallen powerline - like a tree branch - could also be conducting electricity
  • Keep yourself and all others well clear of the line
  • Electricity can 'jump' or 'arc' which means you don't have to be touching electrical equipment or wires to receive a shock or be electrocuted
  • If you see a damaged, fallen or sagging powerline, contact JEPCO's Emergency Center immediately on 4970000
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